Everything Poem by Paul Reed


Rating: 3.5

I leave to you everything….
The sunny days
When joy runs through your veins;
The view from the mountain top
With the breeze on your face;
I leave you the feeling of being loved
And the comfort of family all around;
I leave you sacred places
Where we played,
Where dreams were made;
I leave you Sunday mornings
When the world stops for a moment
And the coastline shimmers in a haze;
The tingling feeling of anticipation
Of another day of freedom;
I leave you happiness
The fragrance of the rose
And the gentle growing of plants;
I leave you dogs and horses and rabbits
And all creatures who let you win their trust
The energy to run and jump
And to dance when you are full of hope;
I leave you great moments
When all of these things reach a peak
And when history is made;
I leave you love
And luck to find a partner
To share all of these things;
I leave you everything.

Friday, May 23, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Colleen Courtney 23 May 2014

Love this poem! Gorgeous imagery and so beautifully written! Feel was written honestly from deep feelings of the soul. Adding to my favorites list so can easily pull up and savor over and over again! ! ! !

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Gold Trybes 23 May 2014

I love this poem...so easy to relate to..

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John Brown 23 May 2014

A beautiful poem my friend. Well written.

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