Ewelina Poem by Richard Wlodarski


Rating: 5.0

Leaving the country of solidarity
That had at one time imprisoned
The dreams of her childhood
Arriving to streets paved with fool's gold
She is an innocent quickly matured
In a country far from El Dorado
Her undaunted spirit searching for survival
In the science fiction of her new adventure
The girl/woman listening patiently to too many empty words
Smiling politely to the stranger/friend in newly lost home
Desperately trying to eke out a living in the loneliness of this bar
Tears of pain camouflaged by Mona Lisa's smile
Her eyes now seeing only the light
Of her once lost and now new-found freedom
Her ears remembering the clang of chains
That had once enslaved her family and long forgotten ancestry
Her heart feeling only the pain and agony
Of the bigoted solidarity of slavery
She's only the spirited freedom of youth
Poisoned by the socialism of communism of democracy
She's only the innocence of virginity
Wishing by you and me to be impregnated with only purity
She's the flesh and blood of buried skeletons
Forgotten and only remembered in Absolute Truth
She is Ewelina...enjoying life...
The meditation of...fishing swimming picking mushrooms
Reading into the psychology of hypnosis
Always actively pursuing her dreams
As she savors the taste and aroma of coffee
She is Ewelina...yellow like sun
Green like summer's grass
Orange like the ripeness of Florida
Blue like the heavenly skies
Red like passion
Cool like I am. Canadian.

Thursday, December 15, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: adventure,freedom,girl,immigrant,innocence,memories,memory,mind,nature,dreams
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