Resurrection Poem by Richard Wlodarski


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And Jesus takes you down to that place by the Big River
Where sinners gather with the Salvation Army chatter
And you know you wanna believe
Even though you cannot hear Him
And you know you can hear angels
Even though you're deafened by devils
And you're smelling roses within a life that's gloomy
Even though you're eating food that's smelly and fishy
And sipping cheap wine that tastes like foul water
Even though you're drowning in a sea of laughter
And you know you're experiencing this cold lonesome feeling
Even though you're warming by the fire and still shivering
And Jesus takes you further down to that place by the Big River
Where sinners are fornicating swearing at The Forgiver
And you know you wanna believe
Even though you cannot see Him
And you know you're now hearing heavenly singing
Even through the hellish sounds that are deafening
And within the singing you're sensing voices that are comforting
Even though you're drowning in a sea that is maddening
And you're breaking bread with sinners who really aren't losers
Even though you're with winners destined to be failures
And Jesus takes you even further to that place by the Big River
Where killers are raping your mind making you crazy with fever
And you know you wanna believe
Even though you cannot sense Him
And you know where the spirits are dwelling
When it comes time for your homecoming
And Jesus whispering in your ear:

You really have nothing to fear
Life is not a cesspool
You're not drowning by the pool
Life is a blossoming rose garden
Where you have just left kindergarten

And you know you wanna believe in Him
Even though your eyes fail to see Him
And you know you can hear Him
When you're singing The Holy Hymn
And you know you can sense Him when you're crying
And you're perceiving Him when you're laughing
Knowing and believing you're no longer slaving as a loser
Knowing and believing that He has always made you a winner

Saturday, September 24, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy
Daniel Jones 24 March 2017

A true skill to convey the feelings within this writing resolbing in hope, a piece of art indeed. Thank you Richard 10!

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Richard Wlodarski 27 March 2017

I accept that as a huge compliment, Daniel. Thank you so very much.

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Rob Lamberton 16 January 2023

Isn't that the truth! ! Good thing we're prescribed glasses that let us see this resurrection shining through the darkness!

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Richard Wlodarski 16 January 2023

I love your response, Rob! THX so much for visiting.

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soren Barrett 22 April 2022

A wonderful poem reminiscent of the song Suzane by Leonard Cohen. Beautifully written with many great metaphors.

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Doris Cornago 01 March 2022

Thank you forvreminding me if my own spiritual journey.: (

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Richard Wlodarski 07 March 2022

You're very welcome, Doris. Thanks for reading.

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Daniel Brick 20 June 2020

I had to come back to this poem because it speaks to me, and it sheds light on my journey. This time of reading I was struck by the decadence and decline of the environment of former cities.The delapidated buildings and the washed up winos reflect each other. There should be forgiveness if not restoration in that shared reflection. It is the guarantee of saving grace.

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Michael Walker 25 May 2020

Very thought-provoking. Some of the wording reminds me of Leonard Cohen's song 'Suzanne'. I like to think that Jesus makes you a winner, not a slaving loser. Success in our own lives is a form of resurrection, I think, and all the better if we can make Jesus present to others in today's world. You also evoke very well the awful temptations and sins which confront us.

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Francie Lynch 08 December 2020

Leonard's influence is all over this piece. I do it too. Cohen should definitely have gotten the Nobel before Dylan. Compare bodies of work. Just sayin'

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