Excited Poem by David Knox


I don't know if I'm allowed to write this
But the damage is done, now even if I simply reminisce
This comes to mind, the poem is engraved on my mind, well for now
Engraved and etched in raw emotion
So this I honestly do avow
Talking with you, being with you, no your very presence begins a motion
A turning within my mind, it makes everything exciting
Makes me want to sing
No really

Even when I talk about random things you make me excited
I just enjoy talking, I just enjoy life, I'm glad you're around
I miss you when you're gone, man even your voice I miss the sound
Even your silence... even excitement or love unrequited
I don't know if this is love, it's excitement... for sure
Man just seeing you makes it harder to endure
The next time we have to part
I wonder if you know, I wonder if you can tell
Or if you think all is well
Even if I dunno if I love you, I dunno if we can be friends, my heart
It doesn't like that
Yeah my heart is wicked but my heart likes you
You just make me excited, other life can be flat
I'm excited but filled with pain and stress too
Because of 'All The Wrongs' about loving
It makes me even forget the excitement at times too

You deserve such sweeter words
But for now, you make me excited.

David Knox

David Knox

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