Caring Daring Writing Makes More Sense... Poem by David Knox

Caring Daring Writing Makes More Sense...

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For some its simply stated
for some the truth is abated
by rhyme and the language of the rose
such people prefer prose
for those
who are different who appreciate the art of poetry
are the ones who understand this
if you are the latter make sure you dont miss
your chance reading one thing has changed me
my life given up willingly
and now what comes out
surely not the same boy hurt and the one who has begun to pout
simply from the pain
all of this in vain
nay i say i say that this is something this is the reason
to not take my cross and follow thats treason
i wont just sit here and wait
having faith and doing nothing thats something i hate
its time to save
and even if it is all for naught
maybe just being a little too brave
but i repeat all for naught.... what has become of my life my purpose am i caught
i honestly think that if nothing comes of this no one gets saved
then at least i helped someone in my life
touched a life
even one rife
with pain
maybe one like mine just on the edge about to wain
i know i've done something
to the two i've hopefully left my mark
I say its time to let shine
dont keep it to yourself and say its mine
lets go out into the world dont take my word for it
i Challenge my two friends Savannah and Dillan be truth seekers.....
Find it, whoever loses his life he shall find it
Does that mean i have to die?
actually yes i must die to my flesh
is that painful..... hardly i have a certain joy no one can take
if this has changed you or moved you dont tell me unless you must
for my sake
thank God if these are simply my words may you tell me and may i grieve.

Malini Kadir 05 April 2008

touched a life even one rife with pain maybe one like mine just on the edge about to wain...liked these lines......very much

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Aine Ní Leidhin 06 December 2007

This theme is prominent in.....In the face of restrictions the sower sows the word and the audience embraces a meaning invisible to the human eye! Kind regards Aine

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Kelly Allen Vinal 03 December 2007

Well-formed in its conceptualization. Keep writing!

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Tai Chi Italy 03 December 2007

If you are just 14 David, don't ever stop writing! this is a very deep well you so blithely dive into. Poetic truths, friends, life and death, it is all a journey. Keep the faith and if you, as you say, can enhance just one persons life with your muse, then you have suceeded. I agree with the titles assumption, Of course daring and caring are the tools by which we poets ply our art, any less would not be readerable or smart. Smiling at you, off to napfordshire, Tai

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