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! Exoteric Descent Into Iniquity (Social/Political Commentary)

Rating: 3.4

Good manners and common sense
Are trashed as ineffective
Measures of controlled control

Replaced by political
Correctness masquerading
As concern or compassion

Inappropriate response
Touted as the ultimate
Non-empathic tool du jour

Un-emotive expression
Obtuse communication
Belie clandestine contempt

Synthetic salaciousness
Valid malapropisms
Conditioned complacency

Preclude imperceptible
Declining - descent into
Death of human decency

Friday, September 26, 2014
Political Poems: 364 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: commentary
This poem was inspired by the Poemhunter Forum and originally posted by me on PH in 2006 © Alice Vedral Rivera - 2006
Published in 'Shadows on the Carpet I' © 2014 Alice Vedral Rivera All rights reserved.
John S 24 March 2015

Yes, that pretty much sums up the Western world these days. Anything promoted by the corporate left or corporate right is always for sinister purposes but masquerades as something compassionate or respectable. All PC does is get people of different races and differing political ideologues mad at one another and creates division. It's easier to control a divided population. Then we take our focus off of the real problems. Millions are killed overseas and the media will ignore that but get outraged over some celebrity's insensitive comment. Every single mainstream website, newspaper, or television program seem to be focused on the exact same issues: PC, ISIS, Iran etc. It's so controlled. It's maddening I can't escape it. Everywhere I look the same topics. Like it was all written by one person and then slightly reinterpreted by a million different writers and journalists. We are witnessing the decline of Western Civilization.

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John Richter 23 March 2015

Alice - for so many years I have searched for the words to describe our human condition in these past few decades, as surely common decency and respect have been thrown out the window to be replaced by political correctness, the trickle-down B.S. that enters our society through partisanship and mudslinging. We love your minority group more than the other guys..... And so is born political correctness, the idea that by touting comradeship and acceptance, whether truly felt or not, is the road to complacency and be damned to the man on the street who disagrees with us - or to whom we can claim disagree with us in our brainwashed sense. Certainly those in disagreement with us are not worthy of our courtesy - or common decency - so we shall throw mud upon their worthless souls... And your words here done exactly that - in better proportion I'd say than any poem I've written to try and reflect that idea. Superb job! I particularly enjoyed your use of Synthetic Salaciousness to replace what us Hoosiers would call B.S.! That's is intensely classy!

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Kelly Kurt 23 March 2015

Striking use of just a few, well chosen words to point out societies shortcomings. Conditioned complacency says a mouthful! Thank you

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Rajnish Manga 23 March 2015

Each word is a potent statement which goes on to explain as to how the political expediency takes a toll on the social etiquette and decency in the present times. In a couple of words, the poet has been able to bring home the whole concept.

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