Eyeing Another Dawn.. Poem by Charvee Rehani

Eyeing Another Dawn..

Concealing between life and death,
wondering, as the next might be the culminating breath,
saddle of life getting thicker, as everyday seems like a year..
Dark clouds mounting bigger,
Not death..its life he fears..!

One life desires to be reborn,
hopeless hope is what lingers on..
Although in darkness, eyeing to survive another dawn..

Before long all dreams were shattered..
A step on the stair way to heaven, was all that mattered..
No longer lasted hope in his eyes..
No longer lasted fear..
A sign of contentment abounding in lies..
As death obliterated his tears..

No longer lasted his love and decree..
No longer lived his songs..
No longer was he.... to survive another dawn..

All is foregone, an eternal past,
Not this dawn...
Hes alive in my heart..!

Talmadge Rogalla 18 January 2006

Life is vanity, but you found the dawn of purpose. A timeless reflection of time gone by which seems to be produced in the autum of life.

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Martin A. Ramos 18 January 2006

Charvee: Most modern poetry is highly specific in its imagery. General terms like life/death/contentment/eternal/desires are to vague to mean anything. Better to use a metaphor such as 'saddle of life getting thicker'. See the difference?

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