The Truth.. Poem by Charvee Rehani

The Truth..

Here i sit, the end in front of my eyes..
The fears inside me will release me at last..
And become a dark reality,
engulfing my mind, my body, my soul..

But once i reach there,
the dreams shall come true,
the things for which my heart has wished a lot.

I'll fly, i'll cry, i'll walk into the crowd, unnoticed..
An end will come to the profligacy.
I will start my invisible journey..
I will walk on water and into the clouds..
I will swim in the bed of thorns and flowers..
Alone, awake, away from hypocrisy..

The love and the hatred shown by perfidious peaple,
wont bother me..
There wont be any pain to pierce through this heart,
there wont be any love to fall victim to...
There wont be any pique,
there wont be any piquant..
Love will be death..
Death will be the prelude, the introduction,
the beginning of a new event called LIFE...! ! ! !

The premonition, the presentiment, is to be avoided,
before stepping up, to the prominent promenade leading to the skies..
It doesn't matter towards where..
Heaven or Hades.. the journey has to be made..

Pass by, dont tell me to stop,
there is so much to see..
there is sooo much in front of me..

In the dark of the emptiness lies the light..
Its the other side of the sun, the moon, the stars.. and the like..
The other side of life,
The 'past' is to 'remember'..
The 'future' is to 'forget'..
The curiosity, the anxiety,
the perplexity, the velocity,
the conversation, the frustration..
the procreation, the temptation..
the regrets, the childhood dreams,
the playgrounds, the people i ran to..
Everything, Everyone, is to be left behind by me..! !

A thousand beings, all around me,
But there isn't anyone to talk to..
There isn't anyone to walk with..
There isn't anyone i can share with..
There isn't anyone i can take from..
'I' is the spirit,
and this is

Frank Bana 23 January 2006

The will to optimism and moving forward seems the predominant energy of this poem. It is rich in thoughts and explorations of how self-sufficiency might be gained, how living may be felt and guided to positivity again. The references to roots and childhood are also strong, part of 'the Truth'. I like especially the call to self, the lines: 'there is so much to see.. there is sooo much in front of me..'. Thank you for this poem and for the others too.

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Peter A. Crowther 18 January 2006

Like your other poems this paints a rather bleak but misty picture. The poems are all good at creating this sort of lost unhappy atmosphere of alienation. I think, however, they would have more impact if you cut down on the number of abstract nouns and chose instead to use more concrete nouns and images, that is, don't talk about 'sorrow' in the abstract but describe, say, a glistening tear rolling down somebody's cheek or describe a sorrowful face.

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Talmadge Rogalla 18 January 2006

It is written 'The truth shall set you free'. What is your truth seems to be a journey, but is it one with a destiny. Does your faith stake its life on it or is life just a mere wishful dream. A beautiful ponderance and a nice poem.

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