Lonely Vexation.. Poem by Charvee Rehani

Lonely Vexation..

Isolation accompanies me,
whispering melodically in my ear..
Confusion is mocking me,
with its mirthless smile, it stands near..
The silence that surrounds me..
Speaks of many fears..
and savage loneliness, a glorious creature..
is gnawing me with her teeth.

These beasts that form my world,
Are my companions who laugh my way..
promising external continuation,
of all this pain i breathe.
Nothing will change, they tell me..
There is no course to improve..!

Truth, hiding in the shadows,
fiction, standing bright before my eyes..
Searching, pushing,
Nothing is as it seems..
We clamour and we fight..
Making fists at the brightness..
wondering what it is..
who it is.. what it means..

If truth should consume us,
If God can live with us..
then why are we soo empty..? ?
Always, with the conundrum of our desires..? ?
Our life..our lackings..? ?

There is darkness, they say..
And there is light..
But sometimes.. fuzzy and faint illuminations.. are all the shades i see..

My life's play is written..
And there are no foot lights..
only actors and actresses..
who are not willing to share the performance..
So i sit alone..
On a dark stage..
without U..! !

Frank Bana 23 January 2006

A poem of confusion, fears and pain..but containing the beautiful reference to 'faint illumination', which could be a start towards confronting, overcoming the confusion of living, the loneliness inherent but not inevitable in life. A poem of a person who faces reality, but not out of reach of the light...

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Talmadge Rogalla 18 January 2006

This poem is one of nastalgic reflection. A stage I share.

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