Faces' Reading - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

I can read every face I see in a glimpse, My face does as a fingerprint and It can read every face it sees Here and there, Reading faces is not difficult and Any human being he can read others' faces And vice-versa, Everyone who says he can't read others' Faces, then He is either blind or he does not look at Others' faces, but He looks upwards, Faces have a special language show their Essence and it is a very well-known language Among people, but Probing into faces and penetrating them are The most difficult... Our faces are our fronts as things have Faces... I can with a fast or slow reading to understand any face, but It remains a thorough reading, For example, The miserable face shows misery, homelessness, and deprivation, The pretty face shows a person's convenience, The laughing-face, the angry faces, and all Faces have their cases Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Faces' reading differ from one person to Another depending on the case, so The thorough reading of faces differ from the deep reading of them... There might be some people have a secret in The reading... Every man reads others' faces from his Perspective, It's faces' reading that is Easy-impossible and The hard-easy and......................... Etc.

This is a translation of the poem FACES' READING قراءة الوجوه by MOHAMMAD SKATI

Topic(s) of this poem: LIFE

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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