E Nigma

~fading American Dream~ - Poem by E Nigma

Bases loaded, as are the owners pockets
Filled with the dreams and disappointments of the young
But here's the pitch, if you steal for home
Your out, in other words, game over, done

So you start again, this time one on one
Your handling the business through moves
And maneuvers none can follow
Until someone did, stealing your work
And making a life out of it

Your feet tire from chasing the dream
So take a break and entertain
Go ahead, it'll all be ok
Base your life around the hole in one
You never made

Or, take a dive in your swimming pool
Like what's his face did in the 8th
Swallowed his pride and got paid
All laid out for the world to see

And we watched, watched intently
As the world fell down around us

Game after game, overpaid players
Fly high until breaking a wing
And crash hard when the puppet master
Cuts their strings

Society in a gluttonous feeding frenzy
Feasts on the emptiness we pay for
Because life isn't what we want it to be
So we get lost in their distractions
Forgetting what it means to be

When your on top, not everyone loves you
Others want to bring you low
Until you hit rock bottom

A place where people can't even remember your name
And care less about what you know

You, like this nation, are a memory
In a dusty book packed away
Until one day, someone opens a book
And sees a nation that was once great

Saddened by what one sees
Upon reflection, their mind beckons the question...
What really happened?

We watched, watched intently
As the world fell down around us

Topic(s) of this poem: thinking

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 7, 2015

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