"Fair Use" While Under Investigation Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

"Fair Use" While Under Investigation

does not apply and in this case of "Massacre" in an attempt to use my literature for any public domain use has been denied and will continue to be denied....better look at the Fair Use very carefully and why are the copyright used and if used for defamation rtc like in this case then you have you ask me. You got my email address so go ahead. You know how to make a permission form. Do it.

Sunday, September 30, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: today
Bout to shut this site down this week; update 10/25/2018 this is for the authorities as everytime i post either one of the account holders tries to relate to my post as a form of harassment for example i posted a piece in my story box area about Asia and an account holder appears by the name of Chan Mongol...i post almost anything and a account holder by the name of Edward Kofi Louis appears with harassment same to many likewise and this is what i noticed and accounts get created based on my titles and postings....this site is definitely a predatory site as their title called Poemhunters although they are not looking for poems to hunt as mine are not poems as i stated clearly so why are they trying to hunt or harass and stalk me? Criminal purposes and nothing else they can think of and the site owner is responsible despite of disclaimer as he or she is aware along with administrators....i will post my last on Oct 31st and watch how the focus shift again and their postings are not classified under freedom of speech or expression as they cross the lines when warned and acknowledged and the site owner emailed. Thank you for your Cyber criminal watching service.
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