Mind Your Business Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

Mind Your Business

if you hear somebody is raping women and kids righ
okay then it is none of your business
and time to start moving on out
cause if you got the homes in other states and countries
then go ahead
make sure your funds are well
and your resume(s)and business(es)are good to go seriously...
i'm telling you if kids are turning all these kinds of sexualities to gangsters etc
then okay look around you as somebody is homosexual and gangsters for the most part cause they products of their environment
if they racist and prejudice then look around them and it will be what it is
never the multi-culturism cause that too is beep up
and to tell you the truth even worst than racism and colorism
cause they conflicted with ignoring both and still not escaping although choose to be in "classism"
and how you get out of classism is simply like this...
mind your business and keep forward
learn the languages and keep going...
i done seen all the racist crackers i wanted see
i done seen all the neo-colonists i wanted see
all globally seriously...
all the dumb feminism or whatever they call it yo i agree with my females of my family they are seriously stupid as beep
glad i'm grounded by the last ones left on the real
cause you got these dummies out here on a rave and rant to overpower by pure social media
while me and you as indigenous likeminded are communicating and getting on through
and it is working...
keep pushing through the stupidity seriously cause if you don't then you are inviting all of the stupidity
think i ain't afraid to pass on bye all these females and dudes to be in my own world getting more done than never?
like the old saying goes "i can do bad all by myself...."
that's why i stay invisible
and immortal
can't split me into groups so i am indivisible
can't see me cause i ain't in no groups assigned to an enemy on the outside
and the other two are rhetorical...

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