Dave Dafes

Fairest! ! ! - Poem by Dave Dafes

In my sleep last night, of your elegance,
Sublimity, charm ‘n' beauty I dream'd.
Was awaken by your pleasant fragrance,
That lingered around me.

Then I knew, each passing night thee more I miss'd.
Your presence the sunny graces I do enjoy.
Your absence my castle covered with a thick mist,
Oh! The sweet feeling of knowing you, me embrac'd…

The sound of thy angelic voice in my head resounds.
Tonight my darkest night…
Missin' you badly like a knight without his lady,
In misery roam, the abyss thy absences beget.

In my study I sat but studied not, my thought cloudy,
As the stormy skies. In my room I shivered,
Like a troubled sea, my deepest fear shaken.
The thought of not seeing you again;
Woke in me a sorrowful feeling.

Then I realized only a separated love makes you feel so.
These thoughts ‘n' feelings your parting brings.
Just as you loved, so also have I loved.
In my head your name chimes.

Fairest! ..... Fairest! ! ......Fairest! ! !
Like a thousand bell, I stayed without rest,
Knowing the same way you feel too.
What‘ll restore our joy? ......
Where does my happiness recline?
In your arms ‘n' when united again
When refin'd by Aphrodite's flames.

Only someone who loves you dearly can feel so
The passion that consumes my heart so.
Until united in your arms………..
I remain forever yours wholly in body, heart and soul

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poem Edited: Sunday, February 12, 2012

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