Fairytail Rehab Poem by James Urwin

Fairytail Rehab

A psychologist once told me...that there is only a few he never understood,
and the worst out of the whole lot,
was that Little Miss Red Riding Hood.

She told him lies and often stormed of in a huff,
from day one he knew... 'this little girl was going to be tuff'.

She told him how...she would cut with a knife,
any Wolf... that would dare give her strife.

This bitterness she carried with her...through out her whole life,
she never once found love...or become someones wife.

In old age... her good vision was lost,
and to this...any poor four legged creature, with its life...would unfortunately pay the cost.

Stuck growing old...as a little fairytale girl,
she ended up insane...claiming everything had a Wolf like smell.

Then she got institutionalised...when she thought granny was a Wolf...and threw her down the Well.

With more beer...the Psychologist...tales, he started to tell,

'Then' he said 'there was The Three Bears, they were just full of numb stares...no interaction at all,
I asked them often...of the event...do you recall '

To this they just mumbled 'that the porridge had been eaten',
and that their... 'bellys were not full'.

Traumatised and still in shock,
All he could do was to advise them...to fit a new door lock.

Vertigo overcome Jack and Jill,
both afraid of heights...they never again went back up that hill,
the pale of water did run bone dry,
their irrational fear...not dehydration, is what made them die.

Then there was this lonely pig,
he would walk around dressed as a man...sometimes even wearing a wig.

Scared in public to show his face,
and to the shelter of his brick built home, he would panic and race.

Stalked by The Big Bad Wolf every day,
in the end his sanity did pay.

He became a recluse and never went out,
and who ever came to the door... he would shout,

'Go away...just leave me be,
what ever you have..I do not want to see.'

Then one day whilst quickly collecting wild Oats,
he was taken away...by four men in a van...all wearing white coats.

I hope you all now see...these fairytale`s of happy endings... can never be,
they never can end so nice,
as someone sanity...always, in the end...pays the price.

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