Finding A Reason Poem by James Urwin

Finding A Reason

Rating: 5.0

On this winters night... I have a story for you,
it`s a tale about a man... who`s happiness, he never knew.

He lived a life all be it alone,
to himself of his lonely misfortune... he would often grumble and groan.

Then one night with a harsh frost set in,
a knock on his door...disturbs his meal, he wipes the food from his chin.

He slowly opens the door with wonder and fear,
who would knock? who would come here?

His eyes are filled with such a delight,
as before him is an Angel... shrouded by magnificent light.

He stands back to see this glorious glow,
this beautiful sight... his eyes just did not know.

A simple smile with an understanding look,
gave him more meaning... more than words from any book.

Then quick as a flash, the Angel an light did just go,
leaving glistening stars.. falling gently like snow.

He did not even think... to invite the Angel in,
concerned more about...the food still on his chin.

His house lost in dust and mess,
to invite someone in...would make himself feel less.

So touched by the magic in all that he did just see,
where warmth and love seemed abundant and free.

Now blessed with this sight and feeling in such ore,
he grabs a mop...and starts cleaning the floor.

Because you never know...when an angel may come to Your door.

Lyn Pendleton 20 February 2013

this poem is excellent.

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Unwritten Soul 29 November 2012

WOW the poem start with a bit gloomy, before the ending brighten all the poem entirely..well done James, the positiveness is really done in great way..good job! ! _Soul

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