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Never Ever Keep A Whale In Your Pond

Did you ever hear of the tale,
about the Man...who kept in a small pond...a rather huge Whale.

(in my opinion, he should have gone to jail)

A Weight Of Too Much

All I see.... is a monstrosity,
standing right before me.

Ripples of fat,

The Coal Pit

They throw their pick,
at walls of black,
shovel it up...and put it in a sack.

I Am A Traveller

I am a Traveller...with the whole world at my feet,
my travels are free...although never complete.

I travel and go...from place to place,

Got A Hammer But Need A Gun

Batten down the hatches...even nail shut the door,
for tonight...a time starts again...our history changed, forever more.

As the yobs rule our streets... in all Towns and down every country lane,

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An uneducated fool...? ...I went to school until 16 years of age but was only there to 'sign in' not listen or learn.I hated school and never liked the ways i was taught or understood the basics due to my felt unjust ways of the British education system, and there badly staffed schools.
Poetry is new to me...writing is new to me.I may be a bad sp ...

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