James Urwin Poems

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Never Ever Keep A Whale In Your Pond

Did you ever hear of the tale,
about the Man...who kept in a small pond...a rather huge Whale.

(in my opinion, he should have gone to jail)

A Weight Of Too Much

All I see.... is a monstrosity,
standing right before me.

Ripples of fat,

The Coal Pit

They throw their pick,
at walls of black,
shovel it up...and put it in a sack.

I Am A Traveller

I am a Traveller...with the whole world at my feet,
my travels are free...although never complete.

I travel and go...from place to place,

Got A Hammer But Need A Gun

Batten down the hatches...even nail shut the door,
for tonight...a time starts again...our history changed, forever more.

As the yobs rule our streets... in all Towns and down every country lane,


If...for some reason, we ever have to part,
I want you to know...that within minutes, to you my journey will start.

I would even jump out of a plane,

The Beast Looking For Light

Hide away....make sure you lock all the doors tight,
the Beast is loose again, so please...stay in your homes tonight.

Pull your curtains... turn your lights down low,

Finding A Reason

On this winters night... I have a story for you,
it`s a tale about a man... who`s happiness, he never knew.

He lived a life all be it alone,

I Reminisce

A moment of pleasure caught,
to hopefully persist,
all moments of unhappiness,
to be overcome with this,


If I was a Soldier, I would bend the barrel of my gun...and towards the enermy, I would run.

I would wash, my war torn bloody rags... and turn them into, beauitiful white flags.

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