Faith Poem by Concetta Salter


Darkness descends in the pit of my soul.
Nothing is left, but an empty black hole.
My body’s protected by armor unseen.
Keeping the light from the heart underneath.
Stars seem to fade when I look at the sky.
Clouds hide the sun from the sight of my eyes.
Luck is a word that I’ve never once felt.
Sometimes it’s hard just to look at myself.
Curled in the corner, while tears are released.
Praying that god might bestow some relieve.
I’ve found that I’m stuck in the past of my life.
Like quicksand, it’s dragging me down every night.
Like drowning in water, and hoping for air.
Only to relies no lifeguard is there.
They say that each life has a purpose and reason.
Am I the exception to what their believing?
I’m fighting for answers I cant seem to find.
Sometimes I wonder, why bother, why try?
I’m counting the ticks of the clock on my wall.
How much more time till I crumble and fall?
My mind and my heart fight a battle each night.
My heart screams out live, while my mind’s screaming die.
In one hand a cross, in the other a knife.
Now comes the time where I pick between sides.
I’ve suffered some sorrow, some grieve, and some pain.
But what about hope, and forgiveness, and saints?
Putting the knife down, I look at the cross.
My faith, it will linger, no matter the cost.

Brianne Lindline 09 April 2009

You're absolutely a fantastic writer. I haven't read one bad poem of yours so far. I love the way your poems flow and sound catchy and nice. Keep up the good work.

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Indira Renganathan 16 March 2009

Finally you arrived at Faith...interesting 10..kindly read my poem Faith..thank you

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Concetta Salter

Concetta Salter

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