Fallen Poem by Ada Cambridge


Rating: 3.4

For want of bread to eat and clothes to wear —
Because work failed and streets were deep in snow,
And this meant food and fire — she fell so low,
Sinning for dear life's sake, in sheer despair.
Or, because life was else so bald and bare,
The natural woman in her craved to know
The warmth of passion — as pale buds to blow
And feel the noonday sun and fertile air.

And who condemns? She who, for vulgar gain
And in cold blood, and not for love or need,
Has sold her body to more vile disgrace —
The prosperous matron, with her comely face —
Wife by the law, but prostitute in deed,
In whose gross wedlock womanhood is slain.

* Sunprincess * 04 June 2014

............it's the puzzle of life.....why do some think they are so much better....is it location, circumstance or society.....and whom would you think the fallen is in this very intelligent write...

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Karen Sinclair 09 March 2013

I found this ironically beautiful. This compassion and understanding which to me seems mildly laced with societies reaction. Vulgar gain.... Not if it was a necessity surly not if its for warmth and food. Had me creating in my mind many different characters and there stories and theirs not to reason why so to speak.

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Theodore Tilmoth 09 March 2013

She was at the nadir of her life!

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Ada Cambridge

Ada Cambridge

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