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Falling Away - Poem by cheryl davis miller

Apostacy, it's plain to see,
the great, Falling Away,
Revealed before, our very eyes,
more evident, every day,

As skeptics, laughingly remark,
'all things remain, the same, '
Are they willingly, ignorant of,
what Peter the Apostle, proclaims,

'A day, is as a thousand years,
a thousand years, as a day, '
They harden the heart, and close the ears,
and try, to just look away,

They say, 'Look at our 'Mega Church',
our numbers, grow each day,
How does that 'fit', your prophecy,
of that great, Falling Away'?

I answer, 'It's not in numbers friend,
but in, matters of the heart,
How many sinners, come through the door,
and are 'saints', when they depart'?

Men preach today, that there is no sin,
and no literal hell, to shun,
No heaven to gain, no sins to abstain,
and the call for repentance, is done,

But the word of truth, preached in power,
with the Holy Ghost, giving the call,
Will drive darkness out, and usher Light in,
and then sinners, would prostrate fall,

Before the All Mighty, All Knowing God,
Who is Holy, and has Holy been,
For He changes not, He's forever the same,
And He still calls sin...sin,

Jesus said, 'There is coming a day,
when man will worship, in Spirit and Truth',
But many today, say that's not the way,
to ever reach, our lost youth,

So Truth, has been cast to the way-side,
oh weep, for the church gone astray,
Then tell me, 'Do you consider,
this may be the great, Falling Away'?

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