Farewell My Dear Friend - A Warm And Loving Cat Poem by leonard daranjo

Farewell My Dear Friend - A Warm And Loving Cat

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On hearing of the death of sister’s pet cat
The first thought that came to my mind
Was that a friend like him I never shall find
So loving, so genuine, so kind
His affection overwhelming
His love unconditional
Had to be shared with all and sundry
He did not care
Whether you liked it or not
He would give you a magnanimous slice
He would nudge you and rub you
And curl up on your lap
And all he expected
Was an acknowledging pat
The house is so empty after his death
We wish oh we wish he never had left

Alison Cassidy 23 November 2007

'Unconditional love' is what this poem is about - and it's from the animal kingdom that we humans so often receive this blessing. This is eloquent grieving - your last couplet in particular, sings your sorrow. love, Allie xxxx

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Ada Shelley 26 October 2007

Very touching and true. A beautiful poem Yours truly, Ada

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Sandra Fowler 04 July 2007

What a heartfelt poem. The last, poignant lines echo the sentiment of every person who has ever been owned by a four-legged friend. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra

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