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Like voices drifting in a corridor
Like the sea swishing in ebb tide
Like a diaphanous sun drooling listlessly
In the mid western sky

Night languishes
On the crest of dawn

…..I …..

Spearing darkness
An eye blinked flash

Chiselled in stone;
Pencilled in a diary;
Splashed on a canvas;
Organised in sound;

Out of the swamp of imagination
Crawl images that lie
Hibernating in subterfuge
Awaiting entrapment

Everyday is a new born babe
Holding within its clenched fists

The sea kissed the clouds, and
Like an impressionist’s brush,
Smudged the horizon

The chalice is dry
Not a dropp in it
The oceans are dense with oil
The rivers are filled with chemicals

The perpendicular pyramids of perplexing thought
And a stupendous polarity of power
Will accrue in a creative apotheosis
Of mesmerising miasmas and preposterous perspectives

On hearing of the death of sister’s pet cat
The first thought that came to my mind
Was that a friend like him I never shall find
So loving, so genuine, so kind

Who am I to make you sad
If I cannot make you happy
Who am I to take from you
If I cannot give you in return

After a night of incessant rain,
The dawn strolled in,
Splintering the Eastern sky
Into jagged streaks of light

The most precious thing to be had on this earth
Is peace of mind and calmness of heart
More precious than anything else
You may ever find

Pencilling its way
Across an indigo sky,
Spider web lacerations,
Paint the earth

Subtle reverberation
Subterranean river
Liquid consciousness
Like mercury rolling

He dips his brush
Into a palette of luminescence
And paints shades
You can only feel but never see

A pure constant inside which
All relativism evaporates
A state of high tranquillity
Distilled through

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Teach Communicative English in my personal capacity. I reach out to students of all bacgrounds. I help them to come to grips with their communication problems. I believe that people should - in whatever way they can - try to make a positive difference in the lives of others. When one uses his/her talent to help others, the true meaning and beauty of life comes out. I am also involved with Genpact - one of the leading BPOs - as a consultant. Here also I train job seekers. I try to bring them up to an acceptable level of communication competence in English after which they are provided jobs in Genpact. I am an outdoor person. I am absolutely passionate about nature. I try to document everything I see in the natural world in the form of Poetry. I love reading Eastern and Western Philosophy and Literature and appreciating art. I am also an avid Jazz enthusiast. I love people who are humerous or the ones with a great sense of humour. Enjoy: Listening to Jazz Reading African Literature and Western Literature and Eastern and Western Philosophy Delving into the English Language and devising new and innovative ways of teaching it to my students.)

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(1) Ode To Immortality

Jetting creative fire
Through a diamond eye
Sculpting hair-like ripples
On an emerald sky

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Mark Daranjo 03 April 2009

These lines make me look at winter morning's differently. You have certainly been moved by winter mornings here in Canada.

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Ada Shelley 15 September 2007

Leornard is a natural poet and I look forward to reading more of his evoking poems.

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Errol Daranjo 26 May 2007

It is clear that Leonard Daranjo is well on the way to becoming a poet of some significance.

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