(1) Celestial Visitor - Photographic Impression Poem by leonard daranjo

(1) Celestial Visitor - Photographic Impression

Rating: 5.0

…..I …..

Spearing darkness
An eye blinked flash
Celestial aberration
Dribbling droplets of fire


Celestial javelin
Slicing the night
Showering shards
Of iridescent light


you mastery your command is immense.. metaphors laze under your magical spell...

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Alison Cassidy 24 October 2007

Your evocation is dynamic and intense - a wonderful mix of the visual and the acoustic. The reader can really the vastness of your photographic impression. Great piece. love, Allie xxxxx

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Sandra Fowler 31 October 2007

The creative fires burn brightly in this piece, Leonard. The mind takes pictures that only the discerning eye can see. Brilliant. Warmest regards, Sandra

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Emancipation Planz 29 April 2008

Likewise.. inspirational! ! ! I see Mecurial energy in that javelin...

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Abha Sharma 23 April 2008

Here 'figures of speech' wonder about their own innovativeness This Cosmic eccentricity has glistened our intellect and helped man to step on moon… The way you have brought about the visual effects of night …spearing darkness…slicing Amazing phrases emitting affective responses….creative and impressive…

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Linda Ori 10 February 2008

And an awesome impression it is! You have described a cosmic event with pure elegance, and unearthly brilliance. Simply wonderful! Linda :)

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This poem makes me want to go outside and stair into the night sky, you show things that I cannot see, but you make me want to see them.

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rajagopal haran 13 November 2007

rich imagination which only poets like you can pictorise; great poem

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