Bernard Franklin

Fate Of The Twins

The most infamous day in history, is now September eleven,
when the world was changed forever, and thousands went to heaven.
The two twin towers stood side by side, huge monoliths made by the west,
but the horsemen of the apocalypse came, the twins to lay to rest.

Just eighteen men from a terrorist cell, would warp what the Quoran could teach,
so each of these terrorist henchmen would kill, two hundred casualties each.!
As these hijackers took some planes by force, they killed the pilots and altered course,
aiming at the twin brothers heads, they screamed at Allah and prayed to be dead.

At nine fifteen precisely, the towers were hit one by one,
as the terrorists prayed to their false God, they were vaporised by his son.
The massive twins began to fall, creating a mushroom in space,
in just a few short minutes, dust and debris filled their place

Over three hundred and fifty firemen perished, in just the blink of an eye,
over three thousand people in total had gone, to that safe place in the sky.
While all this was happening the Pentagon fell, the military heart of the west,
hundreds more people died where they stood, now America’s put to the test.

Live pictures were beamed all over the world, as America came to her knee’s,
billion’s of people held their breath, and prayed to God, no please! .
Deep in a cave in an Afghan hill, Bin Laden chortled with glee,
he’d dealt the world a massive blow, a bonus he could see.

The evil that surrounds this man, puts an aura round his head,
but this is no halo from heavenly hands, but a mist that follows the dead.
The terrorist’s thought the American belly was soft, with no stomach for further fight,
but they awoke a roaring lion that night, with jaws that could tear and bite.

America bombed the Taliban men, in their lairs in the Afghan hills,
America bombed Al-Queda men, then counted up their kills.
For ninety days the terrorist’s fought, then fell apart at the seams,
Afghanistan might be born again? , with a second chance it seems.

The most famous skyline in the world, will never be the same,
but Manhattan will struggle to rebuild itself, on the back of the terrorist’s shame.
Still guarding New York city, a lady stands tall and proud,
she’s a statue made out of liberty, that will defeat the Taliban clouds.

Moslems and Christian’s all over the world, will conquer these sick evil men,
for ‘Allah’ and ‘God’ are the same so it seems,
just keep faith in them both and we’ll win!

Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 12, 2010

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