Father, I'M No Catholic Poem by Ebone' Ingram

Father, I'M No Catholic

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Father, i'm no Catholic
but i must Confess:
i've been a bad girl.
My mind's Mayor of the Gutter
and my Body's just a tool for him
(whoever 'he' is...)
Fantasies are my harsh Reality;
maybe i'm a little 2Fast2Furious...
I see more of the boys than meets the eye
when I see them walking by.
Yeah, you don't have to remind me;
I know it's a Tragedy
that I must write these Sins

Red Blooded Black Hearted 14 August 2006

That wa awsome, and off the rockord, Panic at the Disco rules. Great poem, Best wishes, Willow.

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Gabriella Franco 09 August 2006

Ebone', my dear, I find that spur-of-the-moment poems are the most interesting. Maybe not to others, but almost [if not] all o my poems/songs are spur of the moment. I don't think I've written many in more than 15 minutes. When the feeling is there, write it! and when the inspiration is there, pursure it! ! Well done, this poem speaks to me, even WITH the refrences to a mopvie and one of my favorite songs. love it. Gabriela

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Ebone' Ingram 09 August 2006

Hello, readers, X-men, and Jedi. I just want to say that this poem is spur of the moment & random (I just wrote it 30 minutes ago) and, yes, the last lines are a spin-off of Panic! At the Disco's 'I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.' Yeah, okay. Eni da Kid

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