****love And Shakespeare**** Poem by Ebone' Ingram

****love And Shakespeare****

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now I know
exactly why
romeo ached to be
the glove on juliets hand
as she rested her cheek upon it
or why their kiss
was the purest sacrilege,
a ritual made by
a hypocritic priest.

it's the same
reason that petruchio
tamed the unruly
shrew, the reason
seeing you causes
the tempest to
arise in me
again and again.

i am not caesar's coward
that dies a thousand deaths. for
i am rejoicing in this
sweet sorrow no matter what

it brings. this is the
reason why i will
always compare you
to a summers day
even in the dead of

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 10 January 2007

An impressive penning, young lady...Image & metaphor abounds & propels this striking slice of eloquence...Solid craftsmanship, indeed, Ebone... ~F. j. R. ~

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Im Not Ruining My Good Name 04 January 2007

All your poems are beautifully written. If only I could write like you, I would never have to worry about ruining my good name.

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Uriah Hamilton 03 January 2007

This poem really is both lovely and cool! ! ! I don't know if you understand how much talent you're giving birth to, keep writing, young one. Uriah

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Melvina Germain 02 January 2007

Excellent poem Ebone, I enjoyed the read, thankyou--Melvina--

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