Heart Surgery Poem by Ebone' Ingram

Heart Surgery

Rating: 2.7

The doctors say it's broken
and they can't operate.
My eyes grow wide
is it fatal?
The surgeon won't look me in the eye
and it takes her too long to speak.
There are too many pieces, she says;
and they're way too small
to make it whole again.
You can still live
unless you want us to remove it.
My eyes flicker
like a dying lantern
with the memories of my condition.
Do you not know
how loudly I scream
every waking day
for this pain I feel?
So go ahead and take it
at least I won't hurt anymore.

Preeti - is here! 10 August 2006

Oh..that was very unique concept to write a heartbreak poem....kudos to the creativity. but don't give up..just a few days and the heart will be whole again! .. - YOU CAN MAKE IT WHOLE AGAIN! ! Preets

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Dee Daffodil 07 August 2006

Hey! It might be broken into a zillion little pieces...but it's still yours...and ya know what...I've heard that if you nurture it and care for it and treat it with respect...that you can...in fact...make it whole again... I love the concept of the poem and the imagery was awesome! Hugs, Dee

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Austen Bradford 30 July 2006

I like the concept, interesting, but yes slighting dripping with Emo.

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