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****love And Shakespeare****

now I know
exactly why
romeo ached to be
the glove on juliets hand

Holding Hands With An Angel

Actually, the whole entire poem's subject to change. give tips if you want. Dedicated to all the people I've ever cared about, even the ones who hurt me, played me, and lied to me. They were my angels...once upon a time. Based on a painfully true story.

i still dream about it...
reaching across the chasm

Confessions Of A Rich Kid

if i could but have that luxury
that luxury which is forever your soul
i won't ever want to leave i'll stay
here, (smiling/laughing

A Dependency Worse Than Alcohol

I know it's there.
I can't truly feel it now, but
only because it's sleeping in

(= The Talent Show =)

(I'm afraid ;) = (
that's right, afraid
of what they'll think of me
if my voice cracks in the

Ab Barathro Meae Animae V (Death Of A Destiny)

horrid Fates!
i Fated fear that
beholding my Fate's
hapless Fate

$$ 3 _ Alicia Keys _ 3 $$

One day,
You told me
that i remind You of Her
and assured me

Heart Surgery

The doctors say it's broken
and they can't operate.

Father, I'M No Catholic

Father, i'm no Catholic
but i must Confess:
i've been a bad girl.
My mind's Mayor of the Gutter


You know the drill...if it sux...tell me so.

It starts blazing at my feet
and moves up my body

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