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now I know
exactly why
romeo ached to be
the glove on juliets hand

Actually, the whole entire poem's subject to change. give tips if you want. Dedicated to all the people I've ever cared about, even the ones who hurt me, played me, and lied to me. They were my angels...once upon a time. Based on a painfully true story.

i still dream about it...
reaching across the chasm

if i could but have that luxury
that luxury which is forever your soul
i won't ever want to leave i'll stay
here, (smiling/laughing

I know it's there.
I can't truly feel it now, but
only because it's sleeping in

(I'm afraid ;) = (
that's right, afraid
of what they'll think of me
if my voice cracks in the

horrid Fates!
i Fated fear that
beholding my Fate's
hapless Fate

One day,
You told me
that i remind You of Her
and assured me

The doctors say it's broken
and they can't operate.

Father, i'm no Catholic
but i must Confess:
i've been a bad girl.
My mind's Mayor of the Gutter

You know the drill...if it sux...tell me so.

It starts blazing at my feet
and moves up my body

Verse 1:
Life is like a broken dream

When I think of you
and how beautiful you are to me,

No one put a hand out to catch me,
So I've been here for a damn long time,
Still falling in this Hellish Otherworld.

when I thought
of you, I saw
an Angel,
but was it the

My vital signs are getting weaker
No energy left to speak your name
& I'm praying, oh God, please tell m


I take a breath.
My heart flutters as it begins.

i feel that
i am the

I'm nothing,
no one,
just a speck on your floor.
When you do notice

I'm nervous on the sidewalk,
pacing back and forth
in my ruby red stilletos.

Life has
no meaning;
why should i live it?
Love has

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CHECK ME OUT ON http: //thinkerpoetdreamer.blogspot.com/ i feel as if i've matured since i've been on here. i'm no longer the one who wants only to be a jedi knight in some nonexistent fantasy world...i'm finally awake to the real or quasi-real world that i must face every day of my life. and i know that i cannot follow in anyone's footsteps. i must be a spontaneous, new face in a world of gray, kind of like how ee cummings was in the realm of poetry. i cannot be worried with life's syntax or it's capital letters. i must think about how horribly i see myself and how wonderful it would be to change, i must find a way to change though it seems impossible to, and i must figure out what i'm going to do in life and whether or not i'm going to heaven after said hard-knock life. grammar and semicolons and things of that nature will not help in this almost eternal quest i have been on since birth. This quest, one that everyone is on until the day of judgment...that is my true life story.)

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****love And Shakespeare****

now I know
exactly why
romeo ached to be
the glove on juliets hand
as she rested her cheek upon it
or why their kiss
was the purest sacrilege,
a ritual made by
a hypocritic priest.

it's the same
reason that petruchio
tamed the unruly
shrew, the reason
seeing you causes
the tempest to
arise in me
again and again.

i am not caesar's coward
that dies a thousand deaths. for
i am rejoicing in this
sweet sorrow no matter what

it brings. this is the
reason why i will
always compare you
to a summers day
even in the dead of

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Kristin Davis 18 January 2007

Ebone' is in my utmost opinion is of a young woman who's already very wise in her young years! She writes with a strength of class that makes me proud to know her. She's tough, strong-willed and strong minded too; however, she's sensitive to life's battles that we all cross from time to time and has become an awesome friend and Prayer Warrior! If you haven't read her work, you don't know what you're missin' out on... Love ya girly! Love~N~Honor, Kristin

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