Fear Of Life Poem by ellery lim

Fear Of Life

Rating: 4.0

The world today is a dreadful place
Filled with gangs and kills and vice
To live a day with joy and peace
Is to eat and sleep and live like mice
To live in fear
To sleep in fear
To live with those we still hold dear
But now we’re scared
Our minds full of dread
We cry if we live, we cry if we die
We are meek we creep
We are weak
We sleep

To live is to die
To die is to live
The worlds a maze
A likely craze
Like a race with no beginning
Not known to man
Nor beast who ran
A mind full of evil
With things once medieval
To think, to dream, to die

James Grayson 01 March 2010

Oooooo i like this one, excellent. Very well writen n a very nice ryme to it,2 out of 2 Ive read so far and both are awsome. I love all the key points, the way you've created a subtle picture in the back of my mind of todays life and the way we live. I can relate to it aswel. Your a very talented writer.

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Zack Burton 27 February 2010

VERY similar to the dark, contradictory style I tend to use. I like what you're conveying, but (like me) you seem a bit repetitive at times. Pretty good, I'll give it a 6.

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