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Invisible Strings

Tangled lives
Tangled webs
Different lives
Many wept

Culture Shock

Why is it that our culture are worlds apart.
I have life easy, they have it hard.
While i sleep on a bed, they sleep on grass.
I take my allowance, but they beg or fast


Thankful I’m alive
Living, though in strive
Nervous yet confident
Made very evident


Is there even anything that’s real?
From the rising of the sun to the ceasing of a gale
The different strokes of a pencil mark a man
The different tones of a pencil can change the bend

Fear Of Life

The world today is a dreadful place
Filled with gangs and kills and vice
To live a day with joy and peace
Is to eat and sleep and live like mice

I Am Afraid...

I am afraid of the millions of ways
For a man to die
In the millions of days
I am afraid of the sea of people

Happy Birthday D.

My birthday wishes
Don’t wash the dishes
Get my presents
Friends all present

Turn Back The Clock

Why is it that regret comes only after tragedy has befell?
Why cant we turn back the clock?
How i wish that now, all is well.
Perhaps see light in this fog.

Idealistic Future

I laugh when someone thinks of the future.
At times I ask, is there a future?
For I see none.
In this world.

Sight In Questioning

I asked the heavens
Why I was born
To this world of injustice
Destruction and scorn

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