Ferris Wheel

Rating: 3.4

Crowded alone, for a lonely cry,
Grasping, pleading, aching to feel,
Feeling hurt, not knowing why,
Like riding on a Ferris Wheel.

With desperate desolations,
Little rationalizing minds,
Like an imagined indecision,
Just like elation in a bind.

Then sanity comes round again,
Turning to meet up with before,
Go round, Go round, Go round, my dear,
Around the circle, dear, once more.

I stop and gaze, and then I see,
A lovely lovers gallery,
Those gone, those here, those yet to be,
All Stars, my love, my galaxy.

Herbert Nehrlich1 17 December 2004

Yes, if one rides on a ferris wheel one must have good timing especially in gettting on and off. A real commitment is needed and there is still a chance of throwing up anyway. And, since sanity rides in one particular space on the ferris wheel, you won't necessarily meet it inspite of the fact that it goes 'round and 'round. It will likely be ahead of you. Cheer up, you can always stop the wheel and get off, rethink, re-tool and love again.As a wise poet on P/H said it: The next love at first sight is only a blink away (loosely quoted) .. H

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