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Fiddling Figures

Rating: 3.8

O my, dear Robert
it burns to see you
have moved to fifty-six
from fifty one.
So much for 'nipulation
and blatant uh, uh
I could have told you.
Perhaps the big old liar
who did accuse
would now be quiet.

And my computerman,
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Herbert Nehrlich1 05 May 2005

Allan do you hear Kookaburras outside your windows? In fact everywhere? Reminds me of a thief asking another how to steal a car. I thought this would be unethical, but not to worry, it can't be done anyway. Haiku to fit this: A false key does not unless it is the right one let thief in palace. H

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Andy Konisberg 05 May 2005

it can. as soon as PH tells me how to do it, it will be done. not having done it before, I wasn't sure whether to keep hitting Robbie's home page or the poem...I chose the wrong option. watch this space, Rubric.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 05 May 2005

Haiku for this poem: I have however moved closer to the poet so glad to meet him. H

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