Vani Agarwal

Filing In The Blank - Poem by Vani Agarwal

I always wanted someone bugging me while I read,
I always wanted someone who would push me off my bed.

I always wanted someone whose way I would lead,
I always wanted to be the one to help her in need.

I always wanted someone who I would call my own,
I wanted a sibling, I didn't like being alone.

When I told my parents about this, they thought what I said was right,
After a few days, they brought someone home, around eight at night.

Who is she? Why is she here? I thought,
I ran into parents' room and they knew there is something we need to sort.

My mother walked up to me and looked straight into my eyes,
My father tried to stop her but she said there will be no lies.

Her family had abandoned her when she was a day or three,
They left her in the park under a banyan tree.

Someone took her to the orphanage and left her there,
Being so little, she got everyone’s love and care.

We called the orphanage and decided that we will adopt this little girl,
We knew we were the luckiest to get a second pearl!

My child, she is your sister now.

I know that maybe, your friends will say things in the start,
But don't give up on her, don't let anyone break her heart.

Don't feel scared or embarrassed,
Protect her, enough has she been harassed.

Remember, to love her as much as you can,
Be like her brother, for her, be the best man

Make her feel at home, be there for her always,
She is your sister; don't care about whatever the world says.

Take care of her; your blood is not what relates you both, it's the feeling.
I was sent to my room till she had settled, so I lay on my bed, stared at the ceiling.

What just happened?

I was playing football and five minutes later, voila! I am a big brother?
Can I have some practice for maybe a day or another?

Now, I am a big brother and I am supposed to care for her, love her and teach her right or wrong,
I won't be a good brother; I am not strong.

I didn't even smile at her when she came in,
I didn't make her feel home; I was mean; I just committed my biggest sin.

This is not right, I am all of sudden given a responsibility and I have to behave like it is all fine?
I won't even know if what I say is right, I shouldn't cross my line.

This doesn't make any sense.
Am I ready or not or just sitting on the fence?

My forehead is sweaty, my hands tremble and I don't even know why,
I have lump in throat; I wish I could burst out and cry.

Okay, my Mum just called me out;
I have to go, she shouldn't have doubt.

I went to the mirror made my hair and put up a smile.
Strange you know, I felt like I am walking down the aisle.

As I entered the hallway, I just prayed to god that today just goes well.
And there she was.

My sister.

Standing there, was not some girl but a beautiful carving of god,
She was holding a unicorn in her hand and she was wearing a white frock- I was awed.

And even though there was so much I wanted to say, I just bent down and said ‘hi! ’,
Maybe I don't need practice, my mother was right and that is something that I can't deny.

I knew that I will have some problem in the start as to what I have to do and say,
And as time passed by and she finally settled in our world, my love grew more for her every day,

To love her, take care of her and protect her is our vow,
Watch out before you say anything;

She is one of us now.

Topic(s) of this poem: adoption, care, children, love, sisters

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I guess that the poem is pretty clear. It is about a child whose dream of having a sibling comes true. However, it really isn't how he thought it would be. Its his journey from a dream t reality to darkness and to love.

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