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A very short time we are given, to understand the purpose of living,
Our life down here upon the earth; the time between death and birth.
This time is short for you and me, compared to that time of eternity,
A time that we all will enter friend, as life on earth comes to an end.

Men live dealing with life’s reality, not thinking much of life’s finality,
Being caught up in a daily routine, is in many lives a common scene.
Dealing with what comes down the road, always under a heavy load,
Always dealing with here and now, while simply getting by somehow.

Within the brevity of such a life, weighed down with trouble and strife,
We get caught in the daily grind, which takes over our heart and mind,
With no thought and or no time, to think of Heaven or things sublime,
Or even thoughts of what could be, up in that place they call Eternity.

And even if you have thoughts of, God and Heaven and things above,
Friend, do you really understand, the Truth of God’s Sovereign Hand?
And how everything is set in place, for us to just accept God’s Grace.
A Grace that grants you eternal life, through God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

As everything that must be done, has been completed by God’s Son,
And all you must do is to believe, then everlasting life you will receive.
For there is no intermediate place, to barter with God regarding Grace,
While you’re here, in this time, you must give Him your heart and mind.

Finality for believers then becomes, an eternity ahead with God’s Son,
Though life may be short down here, Eternity, you’ll enter with no fear.
But ignoring His Grace does have cost, as you’ll remain eternally lost,
Then finality for you my friend, will be an empty darkness with no end.

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R.E. Wind 03 October 2007

................burn the atheists

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Theodora Onken 03 October 2007

Bob, A 10... Jus B Cuz Theo

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