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I missed you the other day
When the dew left its diamond glitter upon the grass
And the squirrels and frogs were frolicking merry
When the silence of daybreak calmed

I sing to you a sweet lullabye-
And rock your cares away...
A beautiful destiny awaits your hand,
Shaped and formed from Godly Clay...

For everything you are
For everything you have been
For making my life whole
For awakening life in me again

Entangled in the depth of your blue eyes
...Entranced and in total bliss...
Embraced by your circled arms tight grasp
...Energized by your heavenly kiss...


Super bright
Ultra light

It was early summer
... Before the full green set in
When the lawns de-winterizing

It seems like Light Years ago
That sweet innocence
Like a flower in the bud
Growing in new existance

It plays to my heartstrings...
It is the music to my ears-
...It is the tender love song of my life-
And the refelections of my years...

Enchanted Wil-O-The Wisp Wanderer
You cannot escape his sea-blue
Eyes View
For set in water they are

In the twilight of this quiescent moment-
I peruse this thing of ours-
Querying this palpable abtruse connection-
Am i deluded or wrongly perceived by the stars?

It t'was in the early eve of Remember- -
Before twilight had come around...
Where i found you with a basket of love so true...
And in the air t'was a melody of new loves sweet sound! ;

...Your fragile spirit-
'Tis but a vapour now...
Ethereal in atmospheric mist-
...Ephemeral in time...not lasting-

Combing through the mess you left behind...
I dig for remanants of attitude...
For aspects,

Within the colours of this day-
I find myself recounting the days gone by...
Cherishing every blessed memory...
While gazing at the sky upon high;

Painfully lost without you-

I am tickled pink with fancy;

...Diligence it served me well?
Shadow waiting tenaciously 'neath your veil
Grasping at straws of needful answers
...Your train-about to derail

...Let it be known to all of: 'import'
...That at what has been called: ''tis just a pause'
...For so dogged in his insanity's pursuit
...'Tis The Wizard Of His Wicked Oz;

Beaches covered with sands of time-
Coast lines edges in scalloped design-
Lighthouse beams shine at whats left behind...
While the seas ebb and flow leave nothing to find;

A Solitary Rose 'tis growing...
In a Garden filled to the full with weeds...
With velvet soft petals of 'deep' red...
Today, that red Rose simply bleeds;

Infatuated by her fragrance...
And the apples of her cheeks
She drew him in as a moth to a flame;
In a garden-where only lovers arms embrace;

Theodora (Theo) Onken Biography

'People will forget what you've said; People will forget what you did; But People will NEVER forget how you make them feel! ' Maya Angelou. Theo was born in Washington State. She lived in Seattle over half of her life and surrounding areas. Married her second husband, Gary, there and has a beautiful son, Greg, and brand new daughter-in-law, Wendy. Theo has many interests, from Internal Medicine to Psychiatry. All the sciences and most especially the study of DNA. She is into learning more and more about the criminal mind, most especially the Sociopath- who is usually a non feeling criminal who specializes in crime. The worst being: Murder, Theft, Intimidation, Assault, Rape and Stalking. Have a thirst for Psychology - always searching, researching all forms of mental illness.Longing for understanding it in all it's forms. She also has an intense interest in medicine - main stream and alternative. She is spending the rest of her life in the: Lone Star state of Texas where she resides with husband and son. Writing has served as an outlet for her during times of great joy and sorrow, health and illness. She has an extremely close relationship with her God who has helped to guide her and comfort her in her most trying of times.)

The Best Poem Of Theodora (Theo) Onken

(((After The Rain)))

I missed you the other day
When the dew left its diamond glitter upon the grass
And the squirrels and frogs were frolicking merry
When the silence of daybreak calmed
And the sunrise ever warmed
With its gentle rays dancing across my skin
Giving me hints of a fluffy white cloud or two
Promising an entire new day
Of peace and contentment
A perfect day-this
But for the glaring-almost blindingly-blazing
Absence of you

October 20,2010
Dedicated to: Renee Nicole (Rainspirit)

Theodora (Theo) Onken Comments

Daniel Y. 08 February 2014

A very good poet. Her pieces flow like prose, with solid narrative plot and themes. Her word choice is curious to me. Not what I would use... a different thinker. The metaphors she uses are generally thematic, rather than propositional. I'd like to see a something she considered a challenging piece for her.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 09 April 2012

I am the field of blues and purples Of lavender and lilac-to violet hue.................. i am what i am by the blue fragrance awes with lavender tone yet purple lilac whispers of hue love resonates to bloom within love is just an art of colors, ingenious write by the imagery, 10++++

778 16 Reply

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Bill Cantrell 15 July 2018

A poet of soul and dignity, I have always enjoyed your poetry, they were as a beatiful cloud bringing shade and rain upon a barren land!

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Sandra Feldman 27 September 2017

Dearest of hearts, Theodora, Gift from the Gods To lucky us. Even though I don't know you personally, I can feel the love and goodness that comes from your beautiful heart and poetry. You emanate kindness and care. May you always be blessed as you bless us with your beautiful soul, your impeccable poetry and your wonderful presence.

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Susan Williams 10 July 2016

From the frightening examination of Manson in Mr. Manson (Paranoid Schizophremic with Delusion) on Cocaine- - in which Theodora paints the darkness in which this evil person lived and fed off of- - -to the delicate nature images delivered up in In the Blink of An Eye, poetry lovers will never be disappointed in the range of topic, the depth and breadth of examination, or the extraordinary poetic passages Theo provides. She enchants you with the first words in her poem Growing Up I Recall and then she breaks your heart in One Step Forward-Two Steps Back (Be warned- The pain in these lines is hard to bear.) So be prepared- there are many treasures sprinkled throughout her lovely poems that have been created out of the beauty of her heart and soul- but there are also other poems, deep and complex poems, that deal with pain and darkness- - -this talented poet is no one-trick pony.

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Pamela Sinicrope 06 June 2016

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading Theo's well-written poetry that comes from the heart. She has a nice flow to her writing with a solid (but not overly done) use of rhyme as well as other forms. The subject matter is also quite varied, which I enjoy as a reader. She has a unique and fun grasp of metaphor, imagery, and personification. Thanks for sharing your poetry Theo! :)

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Mj Lemon 16 April 2015

An amazing poet with great wisdom and tremendous feeling.

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Theodora (Theo) Onken Quotes

'Cheaters are a different breed. Some would do ANYTHING to win or get ahead'

'With each new wave - another dream' 'With each new tide - fulfillment' - - - Theo Onken

'There is nothing more beautiful than ' ANYTHING' seen through the eyes of love' - - - -Theodora Onken

'The size of a persons ego is often determined by the things they do to get ahead.For instance, stepping on others toes or knocking others out of their way to achieve what THEY WANT. It does not phase them one iota'.- - - -Theodora Onken

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