Waiting Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph


Rating: 5.0

What a fool I must be
how much will it take to make me see
how much more changes do you need
how many more excuses will I make,
so you accept me.
This man that is not in love with me
I'm not ashamed to get down on bending knee
and beg for you to love me like she
I'am numb to his hurt, his word sting
and cause so much pain
but I hold it in, all the same
will II ever be good enough
has karma come back to bite me in the butt
Do I deserve this wretchful fate
Am I gonna lie here and forever wait
when you can come and take
this pain and say you'll love me again
Show me, prove to me, that it is I that you want
stop these tears from running down my eyes
can't take the fear of loosing you
so I stay and wait
tired of being mistreated
love me right is all I ask of you
understanding is what I'm dying for

**1st time writer please comment**

Rico Avila 22 January 2009

Nice poem. waiting... may be all you can do. Unless you want to destroy the love he has for her.

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Tyrone Wingfield 08 October 2008

Your poem was amazing, i may not of been writting long but ive been reading poems as long as i can remember and every voice in my head is agreeing that you are a spectactular poet

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Ency Bearis 18 August 2008

if there is a way, there is a will..probably love will be recognized the way it is being expressed like this...nice concept with full deliverance...nicely written Ency Bearis

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Patrick Oswald 18 August 2008

You have tallent, I have just started to write myself, so I do not really know what to say in order to critque... However I like what I have read.

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Joseph Poewhit 18 August 2008

Has some real basic - HONESTY

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