The Mind Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph

The Mind

The mind is a powerful thing
What you put into it sometime may sting
It may keep you up at night
and turn on that bulb of light
Even before the sun come up
with ideas curious as a pup
it could be a sword against evil
than you might us it against your people
It can hold unwavering wisdom
The speechless can't lead the dumb
The mind is not to be wasted
don't fill it up with things just to be tasted
But hungry enough till starvation
Where all ignorance is shun
When you can't pick up a book
To read all of it's hook
Your memory will replay
all that you've had to say
and what you put into it
Will help you when you can only sit

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**Asia Jay**

Vaibhav Pandey 07 January 2009

a good attempt.. keep it up

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the mind is a wonderful thing and can wonder, it can give us great ideas or sting us with the contents we fill it with the mind can accoplish great things wen put to good use, great poem :)

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Keith Hendrickson 07 January 2009

'it may keep you up at night and turn on that bulb of light' i like that a lot. very very nice piece

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