Fire And Ice Poem by Larry Perry Sr

Fire And Ice


Fire and Ice will never mix for fire will burn while ice freezes, fire melts ice making water to put out the fire, Fire and Ice they will never be friends

Fire and Ice can not and will not ever be nice together fire don't like the wetness of ice and ice don't like the hotness of fire

Fire will make you jump back Jack Ice will make you slip and break your mama's back so jump back jack before you break your mama's back on the ice

Fire and Ice will never die no matter how hard we try to prevent them

There will aways be a fire burning somewhere some burning in control and other burning out of control

There will aways be ice freezing somewhere some freezing in control and other freezing out of control

Fire and Ice can put a hold on our lives paralyzing homes land man woman and child

Smiles wiped away before we can say Fire and Ice in a flash and in a dash leaving those in its path dead homeless and sad

Madness set's in, but what can you do when it happened to you to lose everything you worked what you thought would always have and I would never go away

Fire and Ice can be very nice when used in the right way no matter what, we need the both to enjoy life

Fire and Ice can be the spice of life hot or cold young or old we will have the both of them no matter what's inside our souls

When it's cold outside a warm fire place inside is the idea for a wonderful romantic relationship, no need to cool things down as our bodies stays hot like Fire

When it's hot outside a cool icey air condition inside is the idea for a wonderful romantic relationship, no need to heat things up as our bodies stays cool as Ice

Fire and Ice Fire and Ice Fire and Ice let it be what it should be for what we need to see in the good and in the bad of the both should be

Fire's running wild is nothing to smile upon, fires burning like a match that has just been freshly struck

Ice freezing in places like never before rain drops freezing in mid air before even hitting the ground

Fire makes ashes Ice makes water, mix them together and it makes mud

Fire and Ice will never mix for the good but for the bad it has it made

Skie's are getting hotter while the air are getting colder destroying everything that not use to the change of the Fire and Ice that man brought to our land

Man made climate change that effects our natural land that man put us in the mass we're in today

Fire and Ice are taken for granted if we look around us with open mind's of what our land's once was year's ago to the date

We will see our land is nothing like it use to be because of climate change and not having an ozone layer anymore doesn't help our land either

So let's take the Fire and Ice for what it's worth Fire can hurt and burn while Ice can be nice to ease the pain

Fire and Ice can be mix and will be mix together for the good

Fire=heat plus Ice=cold takse the pain away for the good, so Fire and Ice can come together after all

Larry Perry, Sr.

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