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I missed you so much
I was waiting to get your touch.
Moon beams were soft and tender,
Sky was wadded with twinkling star,


Alone, alone, alone
I was all alone
I was alone in my mother’s womb
I will be alone in my grave beneath the tomb

The Bird Sings

People hear the bird sings
Sitting in a branch of a giant tree

Fear of Death

I am confined in the cauldron of smoke
Coming out of perpetual inferno

The Same Shadow

When the gentle moon reigns in the sky
Alighting the dark world

Love is a Panacea

When forgotten promise knocks at the door
Or unfulfilled desires make life bore

Just for few Rupees

Standing in the midst of a
Forsaken brothel

Honey Bee

Honey bee, honey bee

A Wild Flower

I picked a wild flower
Full with beauty and fragrance,

Sorrow always finds me Close

During my utter despondence
Sorrow always finds me close

Holy Month

It is a month of fasting
Observed by all Mohammedan

Holy Ramadan
Ramadan is a month of fasting
For all the Mohammedan
It is observed all over the world

The weeping that does not make sound
Surely it is mine.
The scraps of memory that cannot be wiped
Surely it is yours.
The letters that were writt

I Remember those lies

I remember those lies
Those were spoken long ago,

Is Love a Forbidden Word

“Is love a forbidden word? ”
A question that is to be solved

Garland of Words

I am weaving garland
With some picked up words

The girl who has lost in wilderness
I do not have her company.
The girl who is a nightingale
I do not have her symphony.

A Prayer

I don’t make any sound,
I don’t make any ripple

An Unhappy Life

I was romping and rollicking with fun
Standing on a treacherous bog

Bless Me with Your Love

Come and accept my love
In your ocean like heart

shakil ahmed Biography

I was born at Badarpur, Assam, India on 31st January 1969. Currently an Assistant Professor of English in A.L.C.College, Hailakandi, Assam and now living at my birthplace Badarpur.I am a graduate with English honors from Gwahati University, Assam. I completed my masters in English from Assam University, Silchar, Assam. I am happy to write poetry both in Bengali and in English simply because i find both of them can get me into those readers whom i love greatly and wonderfully anytime, anywhere and every where. I am nothing more than a servant of humanity. I try to view life from the point of view of a realist, accepting challenges and looking forward to new turns and returns. I think, a poem helps the mind play with its well-trod patterns of thoughts, and can even help reroute those patterns by making us see the familiar a new.Like no other book, a book of poems presents itself not as a thing for the market place, but as a thing for its own sake. I wish to thank everyone for reading so many of my poems each and everyday. All of you are fantastic, great poets in your own right. I heartily appreciate your comments you may have on my poetry; they are always a learning experience.)

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I Missed You

I missed you so much
I was waiting to get your touch.
Moon beams were soft and tender,
Sky was wadded with twinkling star,
Wind was singing songs of mourning,
Tired and weary horses were resting,
The wings of black bats were flapping,
When the world was such,
I missed you so much.
I was all alone in the night,
Panting for you along with your light,
I was waiting with a hungry heart,
Out of suffering, my heart was torn apart.
As the night was getting grim,
You were becoming visible in my dream.
I felt your touch in a joyous mood,
Though in vision, it was good.
You were coy and generous,
I had been in ecstasy for few hours.
When ever I feel for you,
When ever I miss you,
You come in my vision,
I forget the pangs of separation.

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Sumit Ganguly 25 October 2015

Today I read again your poem-Alone and awarded what it deserves-the highest score.

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SHAKIL. AHMED 16 November 2018


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Nosheen Irfan 14 August 2017

A wonderful poet who has made a great comeback. His work reflects maturity n grace. His use of words n imagery is very impressive. Keep writing n inspiring.

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Glen Kappy 09 August 2017

shakil, after reading your comment on my poem, the bees and me, i am now getting acquainted with you and your writing. i like what you say in your bio; it appears to me free of pretense and open-hearted. servant of humanity- i like that, and may we all be such. -gk

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Md Anisur Rahman 05 May 2016

I like your all poems.Your poems includes Renaissance.i like too........

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Jeri Martindale 10 November 2015

I am rather thankful Shakil stopped to read one of my poems and was kind enough to leave a comment because I might not have found him. His poetry is full of depth and captures you in the heart.

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