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Fishing Nets شباك صيد الاسماك

There are pretty men and Pretty fishermen over there Waiting all night long to get fish For themselves and for other people, These people are hard-workers Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Onlookers gather around these people To see what's going with these men And their pretty fishing nets, All fishing nets are thrown in the Sea by day and by night, Old men, young men, and other men Are always there to help each other, Some old men dive in sea water to See what's going on over there, Some are waiting on the seaside To drag the fishing nets, It's a wonderful and pretty day To watch these pretty people, The fishing nets are their tools For fishing the best fishes, the Best crabs, and the rest of things, These fishers are able-bodied people Just to be or not to be, All men drag these fishing nets With all their great abilities, The more they drag the fishing nets, The more their pretty smiles get bigger, The sea waters are clear because It's a clear day all around the place, People are staring at the fishers and Their fishing nets wonderfully and happily, Fishing is a great job because It teaches how to be or not to be, Life is not easy to catch fish, but It's not impossible to get them, The pretty sea, the old men, the young Men, and all other helpers work To get all kinds of fish and sea stuffs, I watch everyone and everything happily And proudly around me at anytime, so If Majid The Blue Sea is over there, then He will be different among these people.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life