Fishing The Peace Fischer Is Gone Poem by Udaya R. Tennakoon

Fishing The Peace Fischer Is Gone

(A tribute for a great person- Prof: Dietrich Fischer)
By closing the book
Of your dream of peace
It’s a shocked silence
Those who you know

Inside the chapters
Of you great life
Has been highlighted
And you have are gone

As nouns verbs and adjectives
Of your kind humanity
In several chapters
Showed us not as an example
But as a precept

You are the master
The slave inside
To whom you loved
To work for the people

Once up on a time
The Magnolien Park
Where you lived
In the city of peace academy placed
A park of peace
Where you lived in Basel

Opened doors of
Your humble time
Supportive heart
Reserved for others

Guests of invited
Most of evenings
By tasty smells
Of a cook of peace
Decorated and hardly prepared

A joke for a story
A story for a joke
A lesson for the life
Through a joke

A positive memory
Of your genius mind
The shadow of your great soul
Lights up though you are gone

You makes all laugh
While making happy
You gave more than hoped
Without a profit in return

A man rarely can leave
By placing an indelible foot print
On the sand of heart
And mind of others

19. October 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: peace,tribute
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