Flock Together To Defeat Evil Poem by Udaya R. Tennakoon

Flock Together To Defeat Evil

Rating: 5.0

Swarming you from out and in
Rising in all around
Come to advance
To defeat the evil
Possessed in the land

The earth including you
Goes into a pit of darkness
In your own land
While painting black oil
On the justice and humanity

Even in impossibility
The Sky brings thunder
The Sea brings storms
The wind brings cyclones
To be convinced the nature

Realized nature around you
Looking at everything
Till comes the time
If you are not a human being

You can see if you are wise and clam
Then you will be said by nature
Only you can change
Within yourself and around you
If you are ready

If you are ready
Put a side your egoism
Evil covets to creep into that
And you are decayed unknown

So you subject
Remove your old clothes and masks
And flock together to struggle
And to drive away the evil
For the freedom
With humanity and dignity

Hazel Durham 25 September 2012

Good against evil, wonderful poem!

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Muneer Hijri 23 September 2012

it's a great poem and a good message for human.

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Lalaine Rebamonte 23 September 2012

Mr. Tennakoon, I am Lalaine B. Rebamonte, from the College of Education in the University of Cebu-LapuLapu and Mandaue, Philippines. We have chosen your poem for our Literature class to be analyzed. Since our subject is in line with Literary Criticism. I would like to inform you that there are analysis gathered from our class. There will be different comments with your work and I hope you will be able to give feedback with regards to our comments. Very Truly Yours, Lalaine

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