Flames Of Love Poem by Parwin Jadan

Flames Of Love

Flames of Love

A Forlorn Cemetery;
nearby a sneaky river
A tale of a lad,
who Sat a fire in a dark night
Blessed by her gleam
Blinded by her glow
So, Love is power or Desire
You may wonder?
But love is fire make you fly over
Your wings wind up
Grow to be larger
The cherry fire grants you warmth, safe and heat
This orange fire penetrate your eye
Secret reveals
Every time you stare in her fair hair
Hop up and down to stir you up
All around moving jumping
Her sexy walking
Like mountains shadows
Waves of quake
Weaving me like wool

Merely you see Her hot gust
you forget everything by her beams
When, she is coming across
so cozy and bright
Kiss your tame lips with her snaky tongue
All pleasures you watch
through her white and grey fumes
You view paradise inside
The moment she hug and blast
Our cuddling become stronger,
longer and bigger
the more you burn
more satisfied to stand along
our hums and whispers
Our soft hums and whispers makes neighbor Mantis jealous of us

The wild gust hurl
Gleam of hope to glow more
At the night tail
Then, time is on! to rest in peace
Rapidly, Burglar wind stole
Our making love cinders
toward the Sea
After that, the sun steamed,
you and me, baby!
to become two wondering clouds
shaking hands in the sky
we will cry to born
vivid flowers as well as,
Palms trees to tower

Joseph Cross 19 November 2009

Very insightful into the passions foretold. You have a very poetic heart, Parwin Jadan. I am glad to know you and your work.

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