Foe A Syrian Baby's Grave Poem by Panmelys

Foe A Syrian Baby's Grave

How to exult a poem on this day
when you awake to see a little boy
washed upon the shores of your counry, drowned:
no words can remove these tears which have jogged,
shocked, many nations refusing entry
to these migrating hoards fleeing their homeland
for reasons of instability, politic:
or else, brigands of tribal fanatics -
did this child come to stir consciences'
so convinced of their acquired culture
religious customs, comfortable nurture?

O let's not proclaim poems of exultation
when surrounded by suffering and pain,
no, let's shout out our desperate ovation,
bury this child along with many others,
in a true hero's grave, showing us our shame,
and teaching all those would-be sham heroes
using Allah's name: their way an evil omen -
O let this innocent baby be a sign
from that omnipotent spirit of no name,
for we cannot claim possession of the unseen
presence: whose cosmic essence: eternal!

Panmelys 2/09/2015

Friday, September 4, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: sadness
Savita Tyagi 04 September 2015

It is heart breaking to see those pictures. it is even more heart breaking to see silence of the world towards refugee crisis. Thank you for raising a voice.

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Panmelys Panmelys 04 September 2015

Thank you Savita, I'm sure there will be some positive action, there has to be, or else we are not worthy to of being called human citizens in an ever expanding world. Panmelys

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