Following Him Poem by Randy McClave

Following Him

You can scream that you love Christ with all your might
Every Sunday you sit with friends in the very same pews,
You can tell the world your belief with every word you write
And then later, you sing hymns praising the king of the Jews.
You give your tithes every Sunday in the collection plate
Then you pray and give your praise to Jesus once again,
You can tell everyone that you never do lie or cheat or hate
And you always end your every prayer everyday with an amen.

You might also have been born in the same church
You might have been baptized and served in the same church as well,
You might got married, or even die in the same church
But, you will still end up burning in the fires of hell.
You thought while in church your presence had paid the price
Dear friend you are truly lost unless you are born again,
Church doesn't really prove that you're into Christ
Unless you take up his cross, and then proudly follow him.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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