Food Is Free Poem by Randy McClave

Food Is Free

Food is always free
If you grab it from a tree,
Or if you pick it from a plant
To go hungry you can't.
All you have to do is plant a small seed
Then pull out the occasional weed,
Or plant yourself a seedling
And then wait for the food they'll bring.
Plant yourself a garden
Don't shop for fruits or vegetables like you're on pardon,
Don't wait in long lines inside grocery stores
Get your food free from the great outdoors.
Get your food from your out back
Shop the vines and the limbs and not the rack,
Get the the food that's fresh and untouched
Not the ones that's been passed around and crushed.
If you never want to go hungry or starve
Don't think you must need meat to fry or carve,
Have a nursery or a greenhouse or plant a vegetable bed
Then from starvation, you'll never fall dead.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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