Following To Wrong Person Poem by Randy McClave

Following To Wrong Person

Remember this,
Jesus never lied or cheated or stole,
Financial gain was never his goal
No ones suffering or pain did he ever dismiss.
No woman had he ever raped or molested
And no man or woman did he treat like dirt,
Not one did he ever desert
But, by the greedy and powerful he was detested.
Jesus helped the poor and the needy
He always helped to feed the hungry,
He knew no one as an enemy
Jesus was hated and despised by the greedy.
Jesus said give to Caesar what is his
And remember to give your tithes,
Heaven to the poor and not the rich is the prize
The Lord Jesus spoke the truth, as what always is.
Jesus was lied about and then falsely judged
He was then beaten and scourged,
From his body his blood and life was purged
By the wealthy and the Pharisees who grudged.
Jesus was convicted and then he was crucified
His blood was shed for everyone's sins,
Then salvation for all begins
When our Lord and savior Jesus suffered then died.

Jesus was convicted in a sham trial
Now maga cries that trump was treated the same as well,
All blasphemers will end up burning in hell
As they worship the wrong person with denial.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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