For A Few Days More Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

For A Few Days More

Give me a few days more, my friend
And the days of our patience will surely end
We have to swim an ocean of tears
Through stubborn storms and bitter fears
But one day, surely, the Sun will shine
To lighten our hearts and brighten lifeline
Please wait for a while it's just a matter of time
To make the poem of our bondage sing in rhyme
And life shall be that special song
That would stay all day and all night long
And we shall surely meet someday
Sweet tears in our eyes, wondering what to say
I wonder what you would say to me
With your smile sweeter that the sweetest honey
For me, I've got so much to say
I'm scared to express it in any way
Am I scared of myself? Am I scared of you?
Or am I scared of the delicacy between me and you
Sometimes we get frostbitten on a midsummer June
Sometimes the Sun decides to orbit the Moon
Sometimes it feels it is all a sweet dream
Which I see so often, yet remains unseen
Perhaps days of mirth don't come so fast
So I have kept the best, all for the last.

Deepak Manchanda 11 August 2012

In just a few days more you have such prolific output. I liked this poem...and hope that we can all live to see the day when the sun will orbit the moon!

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